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A country of ‘Just Good Enough’ Oct 26

I knew coming back would be different and it certainly has been a case of seeing things with different eyes. I’m on the train back to London (this was a paper entry so its only going in now). Its totally rammed with kids so I upgraded to 1st class which is hindsight may have been a bit of a mistake as there is nothing special about it. Seat is a bit wider, but not all that comfy. (and apparently my original ticket could not be upgraded so I had to pay full whack and the word extortion only just covers it, I’m not even going to say how much it cost, but suffice to say the flights to and from Cornwall were cheaper).

To add insult to expensive injury the buffet car couldn’t open as they "didn’t have a full crew" and we would have to wait and hour and half to Plymouth when the crew came on! And then to really finish the job the new crew merrily annouce that they will need 30mins to "get there shit together", (my words not theres!). Truely how long can it take two people to put some prepackaged sandwichs into a chiller given the other stuff was already there.

Now this train runs on a regular basis everyday so why is there no crew from Penzance? The train must have gone down there with a driver, and this is the 9:36 train so its not like the crack of dawn.

I personally think its a case of ‘just good enough Britain’. No one actually says anything to change the situation and this is what they get.

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