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Ops, the import worked – sorta Sep 10

Serendipity has the abilty to import blog entries from other systems, but the instructions are a little bit out of date.  I’ve managed to bring over all the old entries from Blogger, with pictures linke back to the old site which is great, however it brought in three entries for each entry and the dates are all wrong.  So I’m now slowly working back bringing them all back into the right date, then I have to bring all the old Joomla entries in, but I think it will be worth it

Many of the entries over the last two years show a great depth back into what I went through adapting to the country and also dealing with cancer here.  Basically I don’t want to lose those entries, so a few nights slow work ahead of me, but hey I think its worth it. When its finished the last two years of my life will all be back on the footsteps site!

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