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Almost there! Sep 12

I’ve spent the last three nights redating all the imported entries from my blogger site.  It was supposed to automatic, but I think I got the date format mixed up and the intructions were a little vague, however its done now.  It has also been a really great experience reading back on them all.  The entries I wrote during my cancer treatment seemed at the time something to do, but not a ‘high priority’.  On reading back I am so glad I did talk with my blog as its provided a great insight into how I felt at the time and lets me see how things have changed since.

My writing is always fairly personal but then if it wasn’t what would it be worth.  The entries have made me laugh and cry all over again, but in a really great way!  Now that I’ve settled on a really great blog system, and also seen how important it is to write at the time I’ll be continuing to keep it up. And hey if you do read it, leave a comment!

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