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Archive for September, 2007

Footsteps Joomla is Dead, Long live Serendiptiy Sep 28

Well its taken about 3 weeks, but I’ve finally moved all the stuff from the Blogger blog site and all the newer stuff from Joomla into Serendipity, so its all here under one roof so to speak.

Interestingly its coming up to two years since I started blogging about life in Japan, and wow such much has happened.  I really wanted to move all the Joomla stuff over (and was really worried as the front end had crashed), and lucky for me I was still able to get into the administration and retrieve all the entries.  They were all the postings I had done during my recovery from Cancer so are very important to me.  Looking back on them it certainly was (and still is) quite a ride.

So now, its all in one place for anyone who wants to read it all!  (boring!).

Work Tokyo midtown tower Sep 28

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Heroes is back! Found the trailer and downloading episode now! Sep 27

If you didn’t’ see season one, go a grab it from Amazon its one the best programs around.

A small reminder Sep 26

There a many aspects of living in Japan, a few I’ve covered in previous blogs and others that now just strike me as completely normal that I’ve forgotten that about the other world reality. (like trains running of time).



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The youngest country on Earth Sep 24

Time to go home. 

Blast from the downunder past Sep 24

Came across this old advsertisement on YouTube today. Was looking for something completely different, but it was fun. The second one I’m not sure if its Australian or New Zealand, but its dead funny.

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Cambodia Photos are on the way Sep 20

I’m working through all the pics from Cambodia.  Its a real challenge as there are over 700 from the last cull, but here is one I really loved.

Exclusive Invitation. Sep 20

I was just talking to a really great friend on MSN and starting working on an anology of cancer survival. Why am I going on about this subject, well, if you want membership to this particular house party that is something you really need to undestand.


The Shimoda House Sep 20

One of the reasons that I switched my site to Serendipity is that I installed it as part of a new subsite for the house remodelling at Shimoda. A really great friend of mine has purchased an old house down there (150 years old at last count). When you see the first pic’s of it, well our thoughts were Soweto. It really is the worst house in a great area. The Sotoura valley has this lovely little community that we have become familiar with over the last year and really loved.

So now my entries will be split up abit as I will be writing about me and Shimoda. The site is

Have a read and hope you enjoy. Here is picture from the new underwater camera. Pentax Optio W30 – bloody brillant.

Aussie Bum! Sep 18

Something to brighten up the place.

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