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Playiing with Linux Aug 14

I’m had my times where I’ve played with
Linux before and never quite go the urge to switch over. About 4
month ago I upgraded my main PC to Vista and its not been a lovely
relationship so I was well open to seeing what Linux could offer.

My main PC runs my home entertainment system so I wanted something
that could do the same. I stumbled across LinuxMCE and it looked
fanstasic. I cleared one of my drives so it could install with all
the space it needed and what a freaking nightmare I walked into.

Firstly the LinuxMCE need Kubuntu whcih is a version of Ubunto
which has been getting great raves. From whom I’m not entirely

Today of writing I’ve not even jot LinuxMCE running as Kubutuu
does not recogise my sound system, graphics adapter, or my blue
tooth keyboard.

Now you coudl say hmm, go standard. Well Windows recognises my ATI
X1600 display driver, my Dinovo Keyboard, and my ASUS motherboard
SPDIF output. What is even more appalling is that the hardware is
nothing new. After much searching I found how to update my display
driver to get use of my ATI card. My sound is non existant and just
read a little about Blue tooth and ubuntu and you will dispair.

This is seriously one sad distribution. I’m work with compueter
technolgy every day and this is just a nightmare to make work.

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