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Wandering In Starlight Jul 31

Its been a while since I updated the blog.
Many things have been going on. The most recent is that I found out
a very dear friend of mine has passed away due to ill health after
his fight with cancer. Pip was the second manager I worked for and
I don’t think I’ll ever find someone as inspirational as him. He
came from that rare breed of managers who actually took an interest
in how to develope his staff.

There were a number of us who still keep in touch that he took an
interest in. The time I spent working with him was so instramental
in the way I work now. I’ve tried in my own way to pass some of
that on, and will continue to as part of his legacy. When I left
his employ 8 years ago I stayed in touch and have always visited
whenever I return some. Unfortunatley the last trip home I visited
no one due to my own cancer, but still stayed in close contact via

Its a reminder cancer kills. Can anyone who reads this do something
special. Go an put yourself on the bone marrow transplant list. Its
a simple blood test. (thats painless), and okay the actual donation
component is not so cool, but you could save someones life and
really make a huge difference.

Part of my past is working to save peoples lives and I know on a
couple of occasions I’ve been part of a team that has physically
saved peoples lives. You to can do it! Just go and get a blood test
and donate. Its well worth it.

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