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Archive for July, 2007

Wandering In Starlight Jul 31

Its been a while since I updated the blog.
Many things have been going on. The most recent is that I found out
a very dear friend of mine has passed away due to ill health after
his fight with cancer. Pip was the second manager I worked for and
I don’t think I’ll ever find someone as inspirational as him. He
came from that rare breed of managers who actually took an interest
in how to develope his staff.

There were a number of us who still keep in touch that he took an
interest in. The time I spent working with him was so instramental
in the way I work now. I’ve tried in my own way to pass some of
that on, and will continue to as part of his legacy. When I left
his employ 8 years ago I stayed in touch and have always visited
whenever I return some. Unfortunatley the last trip home I visited
no one due to my own cancer, but still stayed in close contact via

Its a reminder cancer kills. Can anyone who reads this do something
special. Go an put yourself on the bone marrow transplant list. Its
a simple blood test. (thats painless), and okay the actual donation
component is not so cool, but you could save someones life and
really make a huge difference.

Part of my past is working to save peoples lives and I know on a
couple of occasions I’ve been part of a team that has physically
saved peoples lives. You to can do it! Just go and get a blood test
and donate. Its well worth it.

Food Allergy Awareness Jul 24

Two weeks ago was allergy awareness week in New Zealand. A key articule/news
item that was run was about Grant Freeman who died after eating a meal at a
restaurant. (
New Zealand Herald
). Grant Freeman was my sister in-laws brother. The Thomas
Whittle in this article is my nephew.

Donna has been speaking out about
food allergies and encouranging people to get themselves tested so they can find
out exactly how l
reactive they may be. Grant never got tested so didn’t
know the serverity of the reaction. Donna was recently on Breakfast TV and I
think did an amazing job.

So if you thinik you may be allergice to a
food, please go and get tested, it could save your life.

In the eye of a Typhoon Jul 18

I’ve just had the most wonderful 4 days off here in Tokyo. The plan was to head down to Shimoda and the beach. Everyone was wondering why the hell goto the beach when a Typhoon was coming in.


Do I miss the UK Jul 05

After alot of time thinking, and realising
that I’ve not been posting stuff to the blog for a long time,
I’ve put alot of my thoughts back into order.

Part of that maybe that the all the Chemo drugs are flusing out of
my body. its taking bloody ages to get rid of them. While most days
pass without thinking of it there are days when I just crash and I
know it my normal self but rather the after affect of having all
the shte in my body.

I starting writing this do I miss the UK, yes I do. There are so
many things about London that I really loved. I still live in a
huge city but I miss the diversity of London. Here its Japan or
not. Fair enough I live in Japan so what else should I expect. I’m
going to try and write more.


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