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Long Time no Write Jun 28

I’ve not written to the blog for while,
or done any work on it. The last month has been up and down, the
beginning was very low health wise and I’ve found that when I
crash I really do crash. A charming after effect of the chemo! Last
checkup yesterday was okish. The word I think were ‘… normal’.
I can’t remember the qualifier that the doctor used, but it was a
qualifier. The CAT scan and chest xray are clear, but the tumor
markers are not quite so. Still within the normal range, but one is
going up and at the current reate will be abnormal by next test.

Effort now is to get that blood market down so tommorow we are
moving into a detox diet and see if we can kick the immune system
into fighting it.

Work is trucking along and I’m flat out with stuff thats actually
rather interesting! I’m almost busy!!

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