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Return to Cambodia May 07

Well, I’m back now from an amazing two weeks in
Cambodia. It is the second time that I’ve been there and there is so much change
from 7 years ago. I won’t say it was a real eye opener as my eyes have already
been well opened to the life that exists in much of the world in poverty, but it
was a reawakening of a part of me that had gone into hibernation.

bus trip from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap was like recall to life. I’ve spent the
last 6 months doing nothing but think about me, cancer and what next. I still
don’t have the answers to what next as cancer does not give you that luxury.
However it did bring me screaming back to world reality and over the two weeks
there life readjusted itself to the real realities that many live in.

I’m still processing the pictures from the trip as I took so many, the
river trip from Siem Reap to Battambang was a total insight to river life and I
would say one of the most incredible river trips you can ever do. I had seen
something similiar in the Mekong Delta, but not for such a long journey as much
of that was by van, not boat. What you see on that river trip is spectacular and
such a slice of life that most won’t even understand it.

More later

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