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Interesting Times May 23

Well, I know I’ve been useless at getting
the Cambodia travels put online, but I’m trying slowly. Things
have taken a turn for the interesting at work as my manager
resigned while I was away. She has been one of the best managers
I’ve ever worked with. I would propose that I do know having
worked for a total mixture of them. Some good, some bad, some
amazing and other who have umm oh been fired.

Her impending departure has meant aload of changes within the
managment and most of them I don’t won’t to write about under
this know name. Maybe I should open a different blog somewhere and
write about it. Soap operas have nothing on this. My best way of
describing it is read Dilbert.

Cambodia – High level overview! May 22

My trip was really great. We had good
karma running with us all the time (well almost all, I had some bad
yoghurt which didn’t help the tummy for 1 night, but recovered
fast). We flew via Singapore and had a very long stop over,
fortunately I have a friend who now lives there so we stayed the
night at her place before heading to Phnom Penh for the night. From
there we went directly to Siem Reap by bus to begin Temple viewing.
We stayed in a great hotel called the Golden Banana in there
boutique hotel bit which is 7 really nice apartments all around a
pool! The pool was very important as it was very hot (about 38
degrees). Temples were just amazing and we spent an extra day there
to do the outlying ones which was well worth the time (and one
pulled calf muscle by me!).

From Siem Reap we took a river boat trip
up to Battambang. Our luck was really going well as the rains we
had over the previous days mean the boat could go all the way up
river. Its was an incredible boat trip and gave an amazing insight
into river life. It can be also upsetting as some of these people
live in deep poverty with houses constructed of sticks and plastic
bags. Out luck was really giong well as the Villa we wanted to stay
at had a spare room for us. Its a restored 1930 french villa and
was amazing. (no pool, but we got soaking wet anyway as the monsoon
rain hit and we had no umbrellas). We had booked into a cooking
course to learn Kymer food. Was really fun, going around the market
and cooking up. The have an ingredient call Prahok, which smells
like fermented rotten fish, which is an accurate smell since it is
fermented rotten fish! I didn’t put much into my soup but I do
have to admit once its cooked for a while it tastes great!

We also did a motor bike tour around of
the home industries making things rice paper, and mushrooms. And
took a trip on the famous Bamboo Railway. Our luck was in again as
we got onto the bus to head back to Phnom Penh just as the skies
opened up again. We had a great time there as well nosing around
different thing and just slowing down to relax as we had been up
very very early (like 5am) when going out to view temples. And then
it was over and time to head home, we did well again thou as the
serviced apartment we stayed in were happy for us to stay until
3pm, so we shopped, then lounged by pool, showered and were driven
out to the airport! Flight back was okay, duty free in Changi took
a hinding as we got bored at the fragrence counter!

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Return to Cambodia May 16

Wow, what a trip. Back from two weeks in Cambodia travelling around and seeing things again. The trip was via Singapore with a long layover which would have been a issue except my best friend now lives there so had a wonderful tme cathing up with her and breaking into her place at 3am in the morning! opps 


May 11

There is something that I write about very rarely, and it many ways thats probably my bigest crime, as they are the ones I should talk about all the time. There were previously many insignificant reasons why this did not happen, and now there is really no excuse.


Return to Cambodia May 07

Well, I’m back now from an amazing two weeks in
Cambodia. It is the second time that I’ve been there and there is so much change
from 7 years ago. I won’t say it was a real eye opener as my eyes have already
been well opened to the life that exists in much of the world in poverty, but it
was a reawakening of a part of me that had gone into hibernation.

bus trip from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap was like recall to life. I’ve spent the
last 6 months doing nothing but think about me, cancer and what next. I still
don’t have the answers to what next as cancer does not give you that luxury.
However it did bring me screaming back to world reality and over the two weeks
there life readjusted itself to the real realities that many live in.

I’m still processing the pictures from the trip as I took so many, the
river trip from Siem Reap to Battambang was a total insight to river life and I
would say one of the most incredible river trips you can ever do. I had seen
something similiar in the Mekong Delta, but not for such a long journey as much
of that was by van, not boat. What you see on that river trip is spectacular and
such a slice of life that most won’t even understand it.

More later

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