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Gaps Apr 11

I wrote this a few weeks back, but after
another reading it seemed appropriate to post it.

I am sure I mentioned that the transition between treatment of
cancer and then after is something. Welll I had read up on the
‘stage’ and feld that it was not going to affect me.
Well how wrong was I, its just not that you have had cancer and
then come back to the real world. Its more like you have had cancer
and lived in a totally different world then have to switch back to
the world of everyone else who has not been through this. Some are
very understanding, others nice, but none really understand.

I think part of it is that for a period
you are spending so much time and energy in the battle with this
disease that many of the ‘normal’ world concerns pass
you by as you are so wrapped up in what is important,

When it starts to become all over the rest
of society want you to be the same as before, but that’s
really not possible. They have not been through the choices that
must and have to be made, quite simply they really just don’t

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