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Seclusion Day 7 – Japan TV. Mar 09

A slow day for the sun to come out so quality book reading time and then oddly sleepy time. I guess the batteries are still not upto full charge yet. Did get a wonderfull afternoon on the beach in the sun. Have also become a somewhat avid viewer of Japanese TV. Language aside some of it is dead funny. Last night we had the moving company olympics, dead serious and dead funny. Then there is guess the game show. There is nearly always a cooking or travel show (which invarably has the hosts raving about the food in some quaint traditional restaurant – followed by a slow mo close up shot off the food being picked up with chopsticks.) Another fav is the white bread cooking show,butter and salt included. And lets not forget the samuri programs where all the shoguns talk like they are constipated in a frozen dunny.
Not to dissimiliar to some of the male TV hosts. I could go on

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