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Reality Compression Mar 21

Before I went in for chemotherapy I treated myself to a pair of the Bose Noise cancelling headphones (yeah the real bad boy ones).  Well all I can say is what a joy to your ear they are.  Firstly they are so comfortable when putting on, like slipping into fresh egyption cotten sheets (whoops back on subject).  Then you flip the switch to activate the noise cancel and its like a compression of reality.

You don’t realise just how much backgroud noise is going on until you turn it off.  It almost feels like the world in collasping inwards.  Then you turn on the music, and sweet sweet sound comes pouring out.  No blibs and burbs, or tinny base.  These are one of the sweetest sounding headphones around.  The cancelling of background noise lets you enjoy the smooth tones anywhere.  (well almost).

Once the music starts it really is like a separate world, and you are the only person there.  In a city of 35+millon people, thats a big thing.

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