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Onward and Upward Mar 30

Well today has been a real wake up call
for me. I’ve realised why I’m finding it so difficult to adapt
back to work, I keep thinking that things are the same before I
left, which is actually a bi-directional mistake. They have all had
to adapt to me not being there, and I need to adapt that things I
was involved in before have moved on and don’t need me so its time
to stop feeling resentment that the vacum has been filled and move
onto area’s were I can make a difference, and then be there to
make sure they happen.

Hopefully people will also wake up to the fact that I’m back, but
with a different perspective than before. I’m guessing its all
about finding a balance again. I’ve also taken some actions to
recognise that things haven’t been all rosy and sunny, then accept
that and move onwards.

One mistake I made was trying to push people into a more positive
attitude towards things, and expended so much of my energy to soon.
Its still a good ambition but pacing is the key here.

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