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Angels at Jikei Mar 01

One thing that I’ve not expressed is how well I’ve been taken care of over the last 3 months. Most of that has been at the hands of the staff of Jikei University Hospital in Minako-ku Tokyo. The have been the most incredible people to have around when you are not well. Some of it may have to do with having a gaijin to take care of. Some may think that would lead to a lesser care. I will argue that the opposite is the true.

Each and every single member of the staff there went out of there way to make me feel comfortable and accepted really well that my Japanese (nihongo) language skills were not the best, but you will be amazed at how communication can transcend language.

One of the conditions of being admitted for Chemo was that I needed a dental exam which I passed easily other than the molars needed a clean which I knew was due (but I couldn’t see Steven my dentist in NZ last time I was home). They scheduled this for my second day of being in the hospital. I think they picked the one who could speak some English, she was so incredible lovely. After the exam she told me that she was really nervous about cleaning my teeth and kept apologizing that her English was not good. Its not until you don’t speak the native language that you realize those who speak English have made such an incredible effort. This lady also reminded me so much of my aunt (who was at one point my childhood dental nurse). Anyway she did an amazing job of cleaning my teeth and the language differences were easily overcome. I’m not sure she is used to having her patients hug her afterwards, but she deserved it!

Back to my bedside nurses. I kept trying to remember their names but I think the chemo drugs had an affect and I just could get them. However I will always remember there faces and there care. I remember reading Lance Armstong wrote about chemo his nurse being an angel. Well I will always remember mine, they were mine!

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