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Archive for March, 2007

Asian Whispers Mar 30

Well today was our goal setting review
date where you sit down with you manager and discuss your goals for
the year. Well what an interesting session that was. Firstly
neither of us were looking forward to the session, and with very
different reasons.

After a rocky start it appeared that various communications between
another manager had completely garbled messages and set us both off
on completely different tangents. It wasn’t  just one statement, but
rather a whole truckload of things that had been garbled in the
translations and communications. My manager was under the
impression that I was transferring in two months time to another

Given that I’d yet to have a conversation about this the two month
figure is rather startling cos it was certainly news to me. It
would be nice to transfer to Sydney and its what I was after, but
again where did the two months come from. No wonder she didn’t
want to do the review. Why set goals that are redudant.

Long story short, or short meeting turned into long we seemed to
have cleared the air about alot of things and hopefully life will
settle back to normal abit now.

Onward and Upward Mar 30

Well today has been a real wake up call
for me. I’ve realised why I’m finding it so difficult to adapt
back to work, I keep thinking that things are the same before I
left, which is actually a bi-directional mistake. They have all had
to adapt to me not being there, and I need to adapt that things I
was involved in before have moved on and don’t need me so its time
to stop feeling resentment that the vacum has been filled and move
onto area’s were I can make a difference, and then be there to
make sure they happen.

Hopefully people will also wake up to the fact that I’m back, but
with a different perspective than before. I’m guessing its all
about finding a balance again. I’ve also taken some actions to
recognise that things haven’t been all rosy and sunny, then accept
that and move onwards.

One mistake I made was trying to push people into a more positive
attitude towards things, and expended so much of my energy to soon.
Its still a good ambition but pacing is the key here.

Reaching for Reality Mar 29

I’m still trying to work through the after effects of the treatment and came across this statement. It sums up alot of what I’m feeling exactly.

"Everything you do is suddenly a decision; there are no automatic routines," , "Whether to go back to work, how to find your way to the hospital—everything you have to do involves choices…. In addition to the emotional arousal, that can make processing information extremely difficult."

Things really are going from bad to worse for me here, I cannot stand work anymore. Walked back into a you are ‘shite’ email that was totally unecessary, didn’t need to be sent and was basically a personnel attack. The tension in this office is so thick that you would need diamond tipped cutting blade to get through it, and then have a few blades reserve. You might say the place has some bad chi, and you would not be wrong. The chi packed up its sorry arse bags and left the building ages ago.

Its so depressing here that we could open up viewing tours for depressesed people, so they could be cured by seeing that there truely are people worse off than themselves. You could say its slit your wrists time, but the blood probably would take one peek outside the vain and scream, ‘no fucking way are we going out there’, then high tail it back in and go sulk around your spleen for a week or so.

The cherry blossum is all out now and about the most excitement I felt for it was that the wind was probably going to blow them all off. Well either that or rain them off with my own private little thunderstorm that I seem to be carrying around.


Searching for Control Mar 29

The last two days have been hell. My left knee has decided to have its go at having arthritis and hurts all the time, which
has caused me to become incredibly tired. And when I get tired it all
gets to much for me, and now it has gotten to much. 

I’m getting worried that I’ve past the point of being down and moved
over the line to depression, spent most of the day asleep drugged out
on panadeine which is cutting through the pain. Then the work thing is
getting to me and I’m still unclear about the test results. Then
because I can see that I”m down I get angry about it all and how much
I’ve lost because of the cancer and so far it just seems like a big
downward spiral.

Yum Yum, Recipe in my Tum Mar 28

By a complete accident when looking for a
simple Lamb Curry recipe I discovered this really cool blog (Route
) with and excellant recipe selection, all with piccys and
easy instructions. I’m working on one of there recipes now and
will no doubt be back for me.

Found Australian Lamb chucks at the Meat Rush counter of Nissin
International Supermarket and I’ve been waiting to try them out in
a currey, except I’ve been in a Thai mood for a while now and lamb
is not really a Thai food, or at least I’ve not found a recipe
yet, granted haven’t looked very hard either.

Here I stand and face the rain. Mar 28

bad bad day today. I’m swinging between
emotions of anger, depression and an overwhelming desire to home.
I’m angry that the cancer has changed so much of my life and I
want things to go back to normal, but thats not possible. I get
tired really easily and angry at myself for being tired. Depressed
cos things seem to be spiralling out of control and at then end of
it all I just want out!

Its a growing thing. Mar 27

I think I’m going to have to find some new hobbies as the most exciting thing for me today has been seeing that the lemon grass I brought the other day is sending out little roots. I had a look at the stems I got and selected two that had not completely had the based trimmed off and plonked them into a glass or water on my desk. Today one of them is sending out little shoots from its base.

No idea if the other one will shoot out yet, but not worried as it looks like I’m going to have my own lemon grass plant. And I’ve got the pot all ready for it and , man I’m sad!

Pinky and the Brain Mar 26

"Gee, Brain, what’d you wanna do tonight?"

"The same thing we do every night, Pinky – Try to take over the world!

Narf!!   The only difference being right now it should be called "The same thing we do every week – G, Try to take over IT!"

I’m still trying to work out which on characters fits each of the
players here, but I’ve almost got it sorted.  Now I just need to do
some research onto the supporting characters and I’ll have them all
nailed down.  Turning it into a cartoon is my way of dealing with it
and basically I think its a load of bollocks.  The IT department here
is only a handful of people yet from the way some of the ‘lords’ behave
you would think it was a surfdom created to do there bidding, and we
surfs are way to incompetant to be involved in those ‘managementy’ type

Time flies like and arrow Mar 25

And fruit flies like a banana.

And looking out the window that seems particualarly true. The
weather has gone all foul again which likely means that spring is
on the way with rainy season somewhere there as well. The last few
months have been so focused on

New Home Site Mar 25

I finally got my act together and have updated the footsteps web site. All that spare time in various bed and sofas with a laptop did have some benefit.

I was getting concerned that I had different web systems in different places and was ignoring my home page which was looking very dated and had become very static. Basically little more than a jumping off point to the gallery or to the blog. Thats all now changing with an open source product called Joomla. So far I’ve got the blogging component up and running with some integration to the coppermine photo gallery.

I’ve even cleaned up some of the pictures as I’d gone a little overboard and had loaded to many up there! So please bear with me. I’m don’t know if I’ll transfer this blog over but time will tell.


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