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Waiting for the middle ground Feb 12

Well I’m almost finished with the chemo course, just waiting for my blood results to stabilise and start going up then I can be discharged from the hospital.

Its been mind numbingly boring the last 2 weeks waiting for drips to finish and now injections and blood tests. Having to spend all my time indoors due to risk of infection has only made that worse. I’ve been lucky in that I had a number of TV series to catch up on and House MD has provided me some good laughs since they let me stay at home.

A couple of really good friends over-seas have been fantastic at checking up on me via MSN and email which has made me think long and hard about staying here in Japan. Being lonely at work and busy is one thing. Being lonely and sick quite another. Basically its not right place for me to be and I think after this experience its time to move on.

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