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See Forever Feb 08

Having cancer is no picnic in the park as anyone who has had it will testify too. It does however have a couple of silver linings. One of these is a certain clarity of vision. Leading upto and during the treatments there are so many things going on its like a monsoon, you can’t see for all the rain and you feel constantly wet

Yet when its over the air is so clean and clear everything is seen anew. One of those things being looked at is the friends I thought I had and the ones I didn’t even know I had. Its amazing how many go running for cover when the rain starts. Others who say they will always be there for you and then decide that being wet isn’t so fun and indoors is a much better option.

What these fine weather friends don’t realise is that when the sun does come out again I won’t be. When you are limited to the amount of energy you have for a period of time you use it where it matters the most, not on people who no longer need.

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