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The next 63 days of my life! Jan 28

Well its all determined now. Met with the specialist on Friday afternoon and they gave me the layout of the plan and whats going to happen. I’ll be receiving the EP Chemotherapy protocol. The drugs are Cisplastin (the P drug) and Etoposide (the E drug). Its going to be 3 cycles of 21 days each. The first three days are in hospital receiving the drugs, then a few days after checking results then home for rest of the 21 days then repeat, and repeat again, and I’ve been told possible repeat again.

Will be digging out the baseball caps I have somewhere as I’m going to need them. That should be an interesting look. As someone at work pointed out a silver lining, don’t need to shave! And on the silver lining topic I also get my teeth cleaned by the hospital as they need to be really healthy to prevent infection! And I was overdue a clean as well.

Just loading the last of the music and TV programs for viewing whilst sitting around waiting. I should be able to write to this long from the phone so will see how it goes. Later

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