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Reconciling Reality Jan 18
Wow, the last two days have a been a bit of a mind f&^%. I thought on Tuesday that I would be having a blood test with results to say all fine; instead I walked out of the clinic with a decision to be made. To do either ‘Watchful Waiting’ or to have adjunct treatment. With the waiting option there is a 20% chance of the cancer coming back, with treatment that reduces to less than 1%. The reason for the waiting option is that if the cancer comes back they can still cure it really easily. So what would you do.

I’ve just covered a couple of points as it’s a bit deeper than that but you get the jist. What has affected me is that I was under the mistaken impression that ‘hey I’m cured and its all done, just a few follow up blood tests’. This has opened up a full can of worms on the whole subject and it all got too much. To be brutally honest I spent most of Wednesday morning crying my eyes out, sometimes for no apparent reason. Well all for a reason, but just at unexpected times. Its now Thursday and things are much better, I feel that I’ve reconciled the ‘why’ is this happening me, and my choice of fighting this all the way now.

Let ya know the next steps.


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