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It all looks easy from a distance. Jan 24

Last Monday the future was all looking fairly simple, then on Tuesday it was back to upside down, Wednesday was decision time and then it was simple again. We go off and get some extra treatment and then resume life again. Having made that choice a level of secerenity was possible, now I’m starting to get the real details of it all and quite frankly I don’t have to wait for the chemo induced nausea as I’ve got it already!

When something like this is staring you straight in the eyes you starting searching for the strength to stare right back. Unbeknown to me and surprisingly it is my mothers religous faith that is helping provide this strengh. I’m not going to be running off to confession and taking communion anytime soon, but that belief that there is something more, blended with a few bits and pieces from my travels is very comforting when your all alone in the night.

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