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I don’t hear no fat lady? Jan 15

I should have known it wasn’t going to be over. Just back from the doctors (both of them) and am completely confused as to what to do next. Well not totally, one is that I managed to pop on an entire kilo since my last visit to my routine doctor. One could say with all the sleeping and christmas festivities thats not bad, so its diet and gym calling.

The urology doctor is not quite so cut and dried. Yes you did have cancer and now here are the options.

1. We do nothing but you have to blood test, chest x-ray and CT scan every 3 months for the next 2 years (the golden period its called here!). If the cancer takes hold in either the other testicle or lymp node then they ‘salvage’ the situation – his words, not mine.

2. We either have radication or chemo (and I think the preference they have here is Chemo). This will reduce the chances of it occuring.

So the choices are mine to make. This doctor has a preference of ‘Watchful, waiting’ as they call it. This is also a ‘new’ protocol for treatment and I need to find out what the jury currently thinks. I don’t like the idea of just leaving the thing to grow and risking more surgury. Family history is that cancer has killed some of us.

No choices made yet – so I guess the stout lady is just warming up!! d
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