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Dissecting Dinner Jan 12

Had another really lovely dinner party, with Roast Lamb featuring as the central guest as per normal! The new little oven did a fantastic job of roasting the potatoes and kumera really well, and the normal oven once again outdid itself on the roast lamb, which had just a few pink juices running out when rested and carved. I think it hit a nice 70C in the centre, will have to look that up and check if it was right.

(just checked that 70C is totally perfect – well we could all have told you that after the meal).

Started the dinner off with some more of the Asian Tapas from my still very favorite book of the same name.

Garlic/Rosemary Olives – which goes so well with Anchovy Stuffed Olives – still working on texture of this mix.
Ceviche Scallop – No contest
Kashmiri Prawn Kababs – taste was lovely, but I think I can improve on texture.
Caramalized Mango and Octopus – WARNING Don’t use baby japanese squid as found in the market, unless you love the taste of squid bait – got with the octopus – it works really well.
Rainbow Quail Eggs – note to self, use a milder chilli. Choking ones manager with too much spice is not recommended.

Was thinking there was something else but that may have been the bubbles! What birthday dinner is complete without Moet Chandon!

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