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An Unexpected Snow Jan 20

One moment the sky is clear and the next moment its falling down.  If you know where that came from, then you know.  From it I did learn an important lesson.  Take a moment that you really need and then it will always be there for you.  For me I remember a really clear moment when I was at home sitting the boarding platform of Waima out by the mussel farms.  We had pulled up one of the lines so that we could get the mussels of them (ps we have permission to do this from the owners, so please don’t just go and do it).  We had pulled up what we need and I had was still loading them into the sack.  I had one leg in the water and the other on the back of the boat and then opened a raw mussel to eat. 


I looked up and across the mussel farms was my home.  My only home that I’ve ever known, the green of the grass blurred back into the blue mountains.  It was one of the endless summer days we get and it was all just so perfect.  I put it into my memory to always remember that moment so I could have some of who I was, am and will always be.


It never snows where I live, but this was a unique and special moment for me and an expected snow to me, a flake with unique patterns that will never be repeated and for then it was mine to behold.


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