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A Pain Free Day Jan 13

In more ways that one! Morning was spent putting the apartment back into order which didn’t take to long, and the always annoying domestic chore of Laundry! I’m toying very much with the idea of getting someone in to do a few hours cleaning and laundry each week. Terrible I know, but wow, how nice to come home to everything spotless.

Afternoon was taken up with a leisurely trip to check out Johns new place which is within shouting distance, or at least, the lights are on – who nobody home – distance. Then on upto Shibuya for some quality HMV time. Picked up a couple of new CD’s and then ah, SegaFredo time with Di for hours catching up with everything. Nice was to mellow into the late afternoon. It wasn’t until I got home that I realised it was the first day that I’ve not taken any pain medication for the groin or the bung knee. So a great day in fact!

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