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And the Winner is? Dec 06

Last night was awful, hardly slept at all. I could possible convince myself that maybe one of my dinner prawns wasn’t quite cooked as well as it could be, but I suspect anxiety over getting the pathlogy results was the real suspect.

It was probably exasperated by my little shopping trip to Odaiba to visit Toys R Us for a certain newphew (and I got what I think is a really cool toy so pain be damned), but I did overreach alittle.

To my wonderful friends in Boston who happily took the call at 2am JST and just talked to me until the painkillers kicked in, thank you! I really needed someone right then are there you were. I’ve been so lucky with a support network worldwide, and thanks to all of you who offered to talk at any time.

So what about the results? I’m just pussyfooting around here. Answer is that the tumour was cancer. 100% Seminoma. Due to its location (within the teste), sizing, blood markers etc I don’t require any further treatment such as chemo or radiation. It was caught so early in the piece that its not had time to send out little soldiers and create havoc else were. I do however have to have blood tests every month for the next year, the every two months after yada yada as there is a chance it will come back. But if it does we’ll be waiting for it!

I cannot tell you the relief that I felt. It was like I could feel my body stopping production of the stress hormones and the move to flushing them all out. Drained is a good word. After saying a rathter stumbled good bye to my interpretor I headed home.

On that I was so luckly to have her, she was there all the way through and told me that she was stressing for me as well! She is so lovely I don’t doubt it!

Now its head home try and eat something and let people know that things are looking great. I get the all clear for cancer and in a few days I get to go home to my family. Lifes looking pretty good at the moment!

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