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Archive for December, 2006

Not a good start Dec 21

The one thing that rarely happens in japan has happened. My train is running late. Really late it is going to be a dash at the airport. And part of my dash got surgically removed.

Totally Drained Dec 20

Wow, talk about drained! I had a fairly good nights sleep but feel that I’ve been hit by a 10 tonne truck. Sure that is me recovering from the stress of it all. Packed all my luggage for NZ last night and its gone to the airport so all that is left to do is tidy up the apartment (and me), then present to the airport Thursday morning.

The C? Waiting Game. Dec 18

Well its almost Tuesday and time for the final diagnosis of what exactly the tumor was. I mean right at the moment I don’t even know if I do have cancer of not, hence the C? terminology. Everything is healing well from the surgury and I’ve been out and about the last couple of days doing the important things in life like sinking a couple of SegaFredo cafe latte’s and buying presents for my nephew.

The expedition out to Daiba today left me fairly exhausted by the time I got home and its going to be an early night for me! Its not really pain, but certainly uncomfortable after a couple of hours being active.

This whole C? has become a period of dates and depends. Everything prior to the next date in the little treatment calendar is waiting and wondering and until that date everything after depends. Its incredibly frustrating and at times upsetting, no amount of mind discipline can stop you going of into the realm of wild speculation, its possible to acknowledge it and try and move on, but as the ‘date’ draws closer this is easier said than done.

I’ve got the pit of the stomach feeling that I had last Sunday before going into surgury on Monday and while I know that I’ve already done one of the biggest steps its doesn’t make the next steps any easier. I’m wanting to tell myself that its benigh, but the chances of a tumor there being benigh are really low, and blah blah blah all the other questions with no known answers.

I need to keep in mind the bad case scenario (not using worst case here), as that way the news will not be total shock! Anyway time for bed and we’ll deal with it all tommorow.

Home Again Dec 13

Hey, its all over, well stage one anyway. Was discharged midday today and sent home! Less 180,000 YEN and one nut! Oh well! Feeling really good at the moment, walking is getting better and better, but marathons are currently not being considered.

Its now just take it easy and recover, which is progressing really really well. Then Tuesday its back for the stiches out and find out the next steps.

Again to all the people who have been to visit me both physically and virtually, thank you so much for your support and kind words you have no idea how much its meant to me over the last 5 days.

To just rollover Dec 13

Well the first hard night is now over. A good run of pain relief and asleeping something and off to the land of nod. but having to sleep on my back, not so easy

Improving rapidly Dec 12

Up and about now still have drips but they go by the end of the day

Improving rapidly Dec 12

Up and about now still have drips but they go by the end of the day

The endless fascination. Dec 12

Ok,quick question. How often do you go to the bathroom to pee? Go on have a real good think. Well I not only have to record whenbut also how much. There is even a special shelf in the bathroon for the measuring jug. So the deal is I get my own personal pee jug, but need to provide my own chopsticks, mug, spoon and towel. ahhh Japan

The imagination of thrist. Dec 12

The bodies natural reaction when it water is to find some. The fun begins when you are not allowed to drink any. dinner and drinks just loses that romantic touch when its served in your arm!

Update:  This entry may seem odd, but what it was about was that I was not allowed to drink water before or after the surgurry!

And the pain begins Dec 11

A nice thing about an anesthetic is that obviously there is no pain. Its the wearing off bit thats not so crash hot as I will now happyily attest to. This is when you the post op drugs to not only zonk the pain but also make you sleepy. Lump is now confirmed as a tumour not a bad infection gone wrong,so its hurry up and wait for the pathology results for the next steps.

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