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WARNING: Gaijin dancing in Lift Nov 16

This morning started off fairly much along predictable lines. Hit the alarm once to snooze for 5 minutes (I miss my UK clock that had a 9 minute snooze, 9 minutes is just about right, 5 is just rude!!!), then hit the alarm off and fell back asleep.

Finally cranked eyes open at about 7:50am, NOT GOOD, not only do I now have 10:30 to Midnight conference calls, someone is scheduling 9am ones as well. Luckly lunch is an eat affair to its only make breakfast, shave, shower, toss on clothes and we’re done. No worries, all executed, minor memo to get stronger flavoured cocoa as my Mocha smoothie was very much missing the cha.

Out the door, walkman on (this is Japan who goes anywhere with out music,!) In lift flicked on Sony, middle of an ATB Track, perfect beat, just have to move! Arrrhh lift is opening on the 9th floor. Very distraught japanese girl thinking "oh my god I have to get in the lift with him, not only can he not dance he lives in my bulding ‘dilema‘, does one run away on the pretext of forgetting something, but how do I tell the gaijin that I forgot to put on my lippy so he won’t think I’m being rude. Which I am, but I don’t want to seen that way." "Nothing to be done will have to get into the lift with him, so just smile, walkin turn around and stare into space and hope his failing limbs don’t hit me."

Poor girl, I hope she saw the humour of it all, I certainly didn’t expect the lift to open on the way down. The delightful thing is that there will likely be a sign in Kanji saying no dancing in the lifts, which will competely miss me!! hmmm just realised I wonder if someone else has been doing something a little more risque than dancing in the lifts as they had installed a monitor on the ground floor that shows the video feed from both lifts. Guess someone must have called a lift and had to door open on somebodies in flagrante delicto.

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