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Surfing the Crowds Kyoto Style Nov 27

Wow, I’ve been so lucking with the last few trips to Kyoto. All thanks to two really great friends. My one here in Tokyo (Di) and through her a new great friend in Kyoto (Faith). Faith lives in Kyoto and had been telling us the places to go and see without the crowds.

The first time we did it was a month ago on a long weekend when the place is just crowded with people for the long weekend. Thanks to Faith’s great advise we missed them all and saw some of the most incredible sights. Due to the massive accomodation bookings Di also came across a brillant little guest house in North Kyoto so far away from the crowds you are in the suberbs, but also so well connected to the transport system its dead easy. Each time we just tube under the crowds and leave them to total gridlock!

This trip which is the biggest weekend for viewing Akki (sp) the autumn foliage we again missed the masses and still got to see brillant stuff. Each time we stayed ahead of the crowds and moved to the next place, or more realistic we were just in places where the people weren’t.

Even on the way home, we found a santuary at the top of Kyoto Statation, go up two escalators and then no-one, just stare down at the crowds.

Everyone keeps asking me, ‘why do you keep going to Kyoto’. Well its just the most incredible place, there is such a peace there (when you get out of the tourist masses) , you find the most stunning gardens and temples. They also have the a calm about them. I’ll write more. Wanna see, go look at the picture via the website link and gallery.

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