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The ultimate consumer! Oct 31

Well its time come back! Just been through duty free and remembered to
pick up some sparkling shiraz. Well. The lady saw me coming

‘Do you have sparkling shiraz?’
‘Right this way.’
‘That’s it I’ll take a bottle.’
‘Just one sir?’.
‘Two bottles then’.
‘If you buy three bottles you get a 10% discount.’
‘I can take three bottles into Japan.?’
‘Of course.’
‘Well then three bottles it is then.’

Three bottles are duely selected and prepared for packing.

‘Your not carrying any other wine are you?’
‘No, just a tin of spaghetti and a bottle of mint sauce.’

The ‘oh my god, he’s a fruit loop and he looked so normal expression’.

I think she gave me double packing on the bag in case I had future plans to
swing the bag wildly around my head and they feared legal proceedings.
Might explain why the second bag was inside out with no label showing.

If only she knew that sparkling shiraz is the perfect starter for a dinner
party of roast lamb and roast lamb really mint sauce to really make the taste buds

The tin of spaghetti I hear you asking – well that’s has to do with the
morning after brekky!!!!

So my place roast dinner – lambo with sparkling shiraz, sorry no breakfast
only one tin of spagola.

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