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Spot the Dog Oct 15

I learnt an interesting lesson today about when to get a haircut, or more specifically a cut and colour in Japan. I was a tad cautious about getting highlights done in Tokyo as the experience with non-black hair can be fairly limited. A great friend Di had run into issues with her hairdressor on this exact same issue. However with summer being here it just didn’t feel summer without going blonder, and given that it was just too damn hot to sit in the sun, le blond o natural was not going to happen.

Now I was aware that the guy who cuts my hair actually worked in ‘New Yorks’ (yes that’s how he says it, and it way to adoreable to correct!) so I figured with all of those bottle blonds wasps he must have some idea. And the first round was a total success.

Alas my appointment for the next cut was late at night and I fear his attention to detail my have slipped a faction, for this result does look like spot the dog, however not a total loss, with some wax and scrunching its great. and luckily the weather is such that wax works now instead of turning into a pool of goop and sweat. Just when its flat it really does look 101 Dalmations. Mind you here in Tokyo, its likely to start another fad!

Ahh Japan, either love it, or buy a ticket and get on the plane!

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