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Inevidabilty of the Seasons Sep 12

Wow, its so hard to beleive that Autumn is on its way. I think half of Tokyo is still holding its breath waiting for Summer to really kick in, but I guess its come and gone. Well more like limped into the room, suffered a coronary and was last seen being wheeled out on a gurney. (and if I get time I’ll back date an entry that will make that analogy sing!).

We are now officially in Typhoon season, which being Japan means more bloody rain. I really don’t know why the English complain so much about rain in the UK, cos they have got nothing compared to the rain here. I don’t think I’ve ever owned so many umbrella’s (okay one is not technically mind and has been procured, but I’ve also lost one to be procured by someone else – so evens).

I started todays blog off with a different title as it was rather gloomy this morning, still is gloomy outside, but the day has improved. Probably because I have been able to clear a backlog of dull work from my desk! Now I can look forward to the new dull work! I detect a weekend on a beach calling again! My wave seems to have reached the beach and run out of ommph.

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