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Be careful what you wish for Sep 11

Or at least be more specific!

Last year I remember having a discussion with a very dear friend about how 2005 should be a time of interest. Silly me I forgot to put criteria around that. It all started off rather well with a trip through the middle east. Actually it was spectacular and probably one the most memorable trips of my life. Spending my birthday swimming in the dead sea was well awsome, Having Champagne purchased on the Lebanese border with dinner that night and toasting the next day in Petra was actually more than I ever expected, the next day in Petra was something I had dreamed about for 18 years, and the trip just kept getting better and better. Fantastic people, stunning places, the sights that will never leave me (I am thinking of dawn on Mount Sinai, sunset in Wadi-rum, and snow in Lebanon).

It all come to a rather abrubt end when I turned my mobile phone on in Dahab and found out that my father had suffered a number of strokes and was paralysed on his right hand side. Never have I felt so isolated from my home and useless, to my Kumuka travel colleagues if you ever read this I am indebted to your compassion and understanding during those last few days. I actually went scuba diving as I was sure Dad would be angry that I cancelled something he loves doing himself because of him.

Things seem to stabilise and Dad appeared to be recovering very well so when I got a phone call at 6am from my brother the world stopped or at least my little bit of it did. Being told to come home quickly is never easy to hear, a 12,000 mile flight makes it even harder.

Having a management structure that is incompassionate about such matters (despite company policy) was intolerable. Dad had suffered massive internal stomach bleeding from the medication he was taking and had been rushed to a larger hospital by air ambulance. After two trips home and all my leave gone the great news is that he has actually never been better!

Some temperature sensing problems in his feet, (which I think is more to do with being in dingys filled with cold water) he is remarkably lucky. His memory is the same as always and there is no paralysis. He has now spent the last few months be prepared to become the bionic man, and a few weeks ago they installed his first new knee.

For myself it has been a year of transition with a very long wait for a transfer to Tokyo. This did not help a couple of personal relationships which left me feeling very dispondent about that whole subject. However the transfer is now complete and I’ve setup a new life here in Tokyo, if you read back you will see that initially it was not easy, but I have grown to love it here. And having fulfulled the dream of seeing Petra I have been lucky enough to find my next dream and focus for the coming years. More on that another time.

Equally satisfying is that all those I care about around the world seem to have had a successful year and are each finding happyness in what they are doing. While still not having that special someone to share my life with I have been so blessed to have the friends that I have and been able to share their lives. Its taken a while, but I am finding that I really am happy now.

In reflection over the year of ups and down, I don’t think I will be specific for next years wishes. Silver lining and all that stuff. So may 2006 be a year of interest for everyone, may they find happiness and health in everything they do, and if bad times do turn up on the doorstep may they be just a passing guest.

(okay i did get a little specific, but I think you get the gist). all my love to you. david

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