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The Ultimate Tokyo Fashion Accessory. Aug 08

Well I’ve given up totally on trying to work out the weather here. All the western systems are saying that its either sunny, or light rain, or something else rather inane. The local weather forecasts which I am hearing second hands say, typhoon and 25ml of rain at 6pm.

Looking out the window shows loads of rain, and building wind. I did do an interpretation of a ‘proper’ weather site that says there is a tropcial storm 70km’s south of Tokyo which would handily explain said rain and wind outside. What I want to know is how come the BBC is saying mild winds of 2kms and light rain, when almost within visual range there is a big bloody Tropical Storm, that seems to be turning into a Typhoon. Anyway its off shopping tonight for the infamous spoons so I can serve the bloody scallop ceviche! And if necessary pickup some wet weather gear.

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