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State of Grace Aug 06

What is a State of Grace. Well I saw something the to the other day that gave a rather good definition (over and above the pure dictionary/religious version). A state of grace is a touch of truth. Its when you reach a point a perceive a truth that you did not realise before, and it gives you a certain empowerment to go forward.

Does this mean I’ve found a State of Grace, I don’t think I could be so persumtious to go that far. Right now so much is going on (again) that really nothing is for certain. I’ve been dealing with my dad going back into hospital for suspected cancer and have found that I may have my own case of that just a little closer to the soul. or approximately 30cms below my neck.

But in otherways I have reached a place neutrality, certain choices have now been made and the consequences of these need to be played out. Will I get transfered to Sydney, or will they decide that hmm maybe not worth the effort. The State of Grace is that all possible decisions have now been made for right or for wrong. The outcome, well that could be a whole new blog!
But stay tuned the Asian Tapas dinner party is coming up this Saturday and that should be a load of fun. (if I can just find the bloody spoons to serve the Scallop ceviche on).

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