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Fixing IPOD Volume Problems Aug 16

I’ve finally figured out how to get my ipod to correct the volume on the tracks that were playing at tinny level. And before everyone slams me, yes I knew about volume levelling and sound check on I-tunes, and sound check on the ipod, and volume leveling on Media Monkey, and volume leveling on a rather nifty program called MP3 gain which did a great job of fixing up some of the tracks. But what I could not figure out was why the problem kept getting worse.

In desperation I actually reset the IPOD back to factory defaults, it wasn’t like I had much of deep value on there and it was getting to the point of mega frustration anyway. I thought this had cracked it, but still Saltwater by Chicane was bung, and then every second track by Sarah Mclachlan from the same CD/download was at crap volume. Something was definately awry in the land of apple.

Now run the same said tracks into Media player and the neighbours would have been complaining (as if they ever would, way to scared I won’t understand!!!). Even odder was that if ITunes got ahold of the track it played okay as well, then did little fumble with Ipod and it seemed okay. Well there was no way I was going to manually play every single track on ITunes just to fix this up. The Sony Netman was surfacing face. I even installed Sonic stage.

I then did a get info on one of the naffed tracks and found its volume adjustment was -100%. hmmm something not right at the core of this apple one thinks. A return to 0 sound adjustment and resync and fixed. Next step, select all tracks, set to 0% sound adjustment. Resync all to the IPOD, and hello sweet sound! It took a few hours for all 4000 tracks to sort themselves out again, but the results are that I now have crystal clear constant sound! Stick that sound adjustment in your ear and level it!.

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