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Archive for July, 2006

Never confuse a cheap nights electricity with a good nights sleep. Jul 24

For some reason the rainy season is back again, and this time its really making itself known. Rain rain rain rain rain. Humid humid humid humid humid. damp damp damp damp damp. Not entirely hot yet, the small silver lining of a mostly entirely cloudy skyline.

I had my air con unit on last night from when I got home, but just as I was tumbling into bed I open the windows and decided that it was actually not that hot outside and maybe I didn’t need to have Mr Air Con on. Well after 30 minutes of the door open whilst reading my magazine the sheets had turned damp and sticky again, so I decided that after the previous couple of rather sleep deprived hot/sweaty night I would leave the aircon on at a nice 27 degree’s dry. Had a fantastic nights sleep, so much so that I was late waking up and had to scoot to work, instead of the normal saunter!!

Did I really just type that! Jul 05

Life here in Tokyo goes on, today is actually very pleasant its raining and cold at 25 degrees. Yes 25 is cold! In fact it was so ‘cold’ last night that I turned off the air conditioning and slept with just the windows open!! – Probably the humdity was low! And we are still in the rainy season, Soon that will be over and the heat will rocket upto 35 and the humidity goes upto a very comfortable 90+.

I’m back visiting Kyoto with friends this weekend and hopefully this rain will continue and make for a pleasant trip – now there is a sentence you don’t expect to read!

Slapped in the Face with a Wet Cod! Jul 05

Ah fishing (sigh). That I miss! I cannot complain about have a lack of fresh fish as Japan has loads and loads of it. In fact my super market (conveniently a 5 minute walk from my house) actually has whole red snapper, that looks suspiciously like they came from New Zealand/Coromandel. Will inspect there mouth for previous hook marks next time to check if fish has been in the neighbourhood of home, and maybe taken some local baits!

Have even managed to secure a supply of New Zealand greenlip mussels (okay they are frozen in the half shell, but hey!). Actually I cooked them at BBQ the other day with butter/parley/garlic, very tasty! So all in all for me to bemoan a lack of fresh seafood should result in me being slapped on the face with said product!

But I do miss the going and getting the product. (okay, maybe not so much in the middle of winter), Oyster always taste more fun off the rocks! Fish you have caught yourself tastes better, and then there is whole boat thing. Sunburn, windburn, salt – hmm almost makes them sound pleasant!
Update: My cousin has pointed out I forget being covered and smelling of bait! My memory must be fading.

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