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Rainy Season wa. Something is Missing! Jun 14

The Rain! I’m guessing that calling it the ‘Blucky Season’ would not have sounded attractive so someone thought, well it rains a little, so lets call it the rainy season. It does have a sort of exotic sound to it and makes people think, oh well, its just rain. If you advertised come in June to the ‘Blucky Season’ the tourist figures would be down I’m guessing. So what exactly is blucky, well no sun, moderate humity, about 25 degree’s heat and fairly damp since it always looks like its going to rain, but doesn’t quite.

Odd as before the official start of the rainy season it was piddling down with rain regularly. Now that we are in the middle of it, not a drop has fallen. Go figure. Still trying to get all the things done before the heat really kicks in as you can feel it building everyday. Walking out of the buildings now you can feel the heat and humidity hit you. Not drastically yet like Singapore, but I am sure it will be there shortly.

Watch for the big puddles!

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