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Okay, I have the Fish, but I’m Missing Somthing Jun 28

I’ve been watching a cooking program about fish tonight and really thinking about it. And as mentioned a few weeks ago its not like I don’t have access to the thingings. Actually I probably have access to more types of fish that anyone else in the world. Japan has the largest fish market the in the world (Tsukiji) so why I am complaining?

Well, I think its because for me there is something more than just eating fish. Its the whole process of catching, cleaing and preparing!. Squid caught in the Indian Ocean eaten at sunset at Rottness Island, or the varied fare of home. Food caught, prepared and eaten with family and friend is always better. The photo here is of my mother with one of our regions most famous fish the Coromandel Snapper. This one is a very nice standard model and will provide very nicely for the family dinner!. Actually my mother is the sly fisherwomen of the family. Ask her if she has something on the end of the line and the answer is always "no, its a throwback" (meaning undersize which has to be returned), 9 times out of 10 it never is and it goes into the sack for dinner. Mum keeps quietly doing this on the side of boat all the time, and I suspect over the years that while she has never pulled in the massive huge snapper she has far outfished all of us combined. Converserley if you are wondering Mum holds the record for pulling the largest Kingfish for the family and if records stand:
Dad/Andrew largest Harpuka/Sea Bass – you two go figure that one out.
Mum largest Kingfish
Me largest Snapper
Does my family like to fish.
Just a little!

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