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Lost – One Rainy Season Jun 28

I’ve been told by my Japanese friends that the rainy season is going to be late this year, and that is somewhere down in Kushu. Apprently someone got careless and lost it, as we are supposed to be having loads of rain about now. Actually we should be almost finished with it about now! All we seem to have it murky skies, temperatures in the high 20’s and humidity in the high 80’s.

Basically just bluck. I’ve made a note to take some pictures of it tommorow, haven’t bothered so far as its far from photographic! Have been wondering whats been going on as there has been a complete lack of rain even thou it feels like its going to hose down all the time. To be fair it has had its moments where it has dropped some water on us which does cool things down a little, raises the humidity and makes everything damper!

Have figured out the dry cycle on my air conditioning units and the water that runs out onto the deck is truely astonding. Also now given up and close the windows at night with air con running in the other room as its just to humid to sleep comfortably at night. Given that the sun is up at 4:30am even second of sleep is needed!

So things to look forward to are: The real rainy season in a few more days and then the real heat!. Bring it on!

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