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Just what did you have for Breakfast Jun 15

Have been watching on and off the Antony Bourdain travel program on the Discovey Channel here in Tokyo. This one episode he is talking about having a laksa for breakfast in Malaysia and it sorta got me to thinking. Just how many different types of breakfast have I been fed/eaten in my travels around the big blue/green thing.

To be truthful I’ve really lost track. All I know is that while some of them may have been a little odd, they were all very tasty. I do recall Roti-kanai in Malaysia which is a sorta pancake served with cold curry sauce. Its actually very tasty! (ordered many times!) Then there is the Laksa, Noodles in Thailand. Olives, Tomatoes and hard boiled eggs in the middle east (yummy) and dried fish here in Japan! (and cold chinese in the UK, and yes it does happen), oh and lets not forget Champange breakfasts!!!!!!

So basically my breakfast these days does not conform to the normal western diet. While I have no issue with a bowl of cornfakes, and yes I brought bread the other day for toast as it was something I’ve not had in a while, the menu is now very different!

I guess one of my lessons from the wanderings is that what you are given on your plate is the food to eat, and unless you like going hungry you eat it!. And hey, 98% of the time its really nice! The 2% is seaweed in the morning, not quite got there yet. Have eaten it, but not exactly going to go running back for seconds.

oh and yes. Bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, the full English (minus black pudding thanks), the full Irish, Scottish, Welsh, oh yeah, we still have them at home in NZ. (grilled and healthy), but yes, I do like them. However the mind and taste buds are still open!.


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