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East meets West Jun 04

Or more precisely the Celtic and Zen! If you have been reading things have been a little up and down for me lately. I dipped my toes back into the murky pool called relationships, and sure enough, it hasn’t changed much from last time. Water is still full of sharks, water snakes and other assorted amoeba’s. After being rescued by friends, dragged back to the beach, and resucitated, I’ve spent the last few weeks retreated in a Zen garden watching the rain come down (literally). Well, the sky is clearing now and while part of me is remaining in the zen garden on the hill I’m back out there again. But this is where the East meets West bit comes in.

I am full New Zealander, born and bred, but also my blood is celtic derived on both sides of the familly. So why is a celtic boy in Eastern Zen gardens searching for enlightenment?

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