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Arbour Day Jun 20

Well arbour day Papa Aroha style. Every year my extended family gather back at the farm for what is now called Arbour Day. It started as one of my mothers long term projects of re-planting the beach with native tree’s and has sort of grown from there.

Its turned into quite a success and many trees are now growing well and it gives the family a excuse to get together. Unfortunately I’ve never been able to attend these gatherings and only get the pictures from them. The last set of pictures included one of my father and his grandson (the two Toms), planting a kauri tree. For those unfamiliar with New Zealand Kauri click here. Suffice to say the trees live for over a 1000 years so its a rather special photograph.

This year my cousin suggested that the another reason is to celebrate the return to health of my parents. Personally I can’t think of a better reason, now I just wish I could be home.

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