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Was bound to happen! May 24

As mentioned many a blog ago I sometimes have to change trains at Shirokane-takanawa to make sure I’m on the right line to get to work, its not really a challenge when required, just walk across platform onto waiting train – job done. For the last six months I’ve managed to execute this without a hitch. Today didn’t quite go so well thou.

Today we took a half day off so was travelling at a different time, but suspect major reason for glitch was the new video Ipod and TV comedy called ‘Kitchen Confidential’, never heard of it before, and had downloaded it. Was actually mildly entertaining, well entertaining enough that I was at Mita station before I realised that I’d forgetten to switch trains, so had to double back, change platforms, wait for trains, and basically turn a 10 minute journey into a 30 minute one. Mind you did get to watch the whole program and begin the next episode, plus check out the inside of Shirokane-takanawa station (was well high on my list of things to do before leaving Tokyo let me tell you). Personally I’m blaming the whole thing on the iPod, which i guess I am falling in love with.

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