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The Art of Time Travel May 19

Well I’ve got to admit my first week back at work has not exactly been the box of fluffly ducks that I would have liked. Unfortunately the most expedient method of dealing with some problems also tends to carry a mandatory life sentence for murder one. It was just so much easier in the UK with all those convienient hidey holes for the inconvenient dead bodies of the people who woke up and decided that their mission for the day was to irritate the shit out of me.

But to my point of this particularly entry. The art of time travel, well, have you ever wanted to go back in time and change things? Sure of course we all have, but would you really change things? Sometimes events happen because they are supposed to, well I believe they do. A simple small change in the past may have profound effects on your present. This can include the bad events in our lives. You will have to trust me on this one, but there are a couple of events that I’ve not ready to talk about that while highly traumatic, violent and something I would never wish on anyone, are also key to why I am who I am now.

Five years later I still dread the month of November, while the mind has accepted what happend, my body still remembers the physical shock and reminds me of it. But again I am wandering slightly. Would I go back and remove this event. No, to many great things have happened since.

But now imagine if you could go back in time and just re-live some of the good events of your life. I remember clearly sitting on the back of the boat one holiday from the UK, feet in the water, eating a raw mussel that dad and I had just collected, looking up across the water back to the farm and realising that I wasn’t in the UK, I was home. I re-live that moment in my mind often it was so raw and real.

I would also like to re-live some of last week as I was so incredibly happy for reason I’ll write about another day. Everything seemed to be coming together at last for me, and it still maybe is, but recents events have crashed some of the rememberence.

So the art of time travel, pick the moments that you want to re-live. Or as those of us without access to a time machine can only do, hold onto the memory of the great and happy things in our life. Hold them tight when the storms of reality seem to be trying to blow them away. Cherish them and nourish them by re-thinking them.

It not possible to go back and change the past, but we are built from it components. Take the good building blocks with you.

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