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Standing in the rain searching for rainbows. May 28

Wow, the last two months have been odd, a period of ups and downs, just like the japanese spring. Hot, cold, sunny, cloudy, dry and wet. There are bits of it that are still unresolved and I’m still waiting to see where the pieces fall from it all. Certain blogs I wrote have been shelved pending time. Patience is not one of my strengths I’m afraid.

The great news is that my Dad is healing really well and getting better by the day. I’ve had a great holiday with my best friend and seen some amazing parts of Japan. The japanese lessons are progressing slowly and the rest will just have to pan out as time progresses.

The rainy season is basically upon us here in Japan and the humidity is going up daily! It sucks, strongly suspect that I’m going to turn into a puddle soon. Oh other good news is that I’ve been given all clear on the ankles and knee’s. No damageat all!, and now hopefully with the new treatment for the kidneys we can stop it happening in the future. fingers crossed.

So having I been standing in the rain, well, been caught out it enough the last few weeks! Can’t claim to have seen too many rainbows, but I’m back to being the optimist again so will keep searching. dd. (and yep it is actually a picture of canary wharf, but who cares, you get the gist – the sun will shine soon)

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