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Conversion – Almost May 22

I finally gave up waiting for Sony to fix its Sonic Stage, and now re-vamped Connect software. They tell us that at the end of the month we will have new version that should make it at least equal with iTunes.

The reason I have always stuck with Sony is that I love the hardware and the battery life of the units is well impressive, 40+ hours in most of them. However the downfall has been the software that they bundle with it. Now I’m always open to trying new software, but quite frankly Sonic Stage sucks and always has. The new version of connect was a total nightmare.

My PC froze and it just would not load the music to my player. They are promising us a new version but time is frustrating to have decided to get an Ipod. First impressions are nice, but the battery life sucks. However the ability to play video’s is very cool and I can carry my whole music collection to work. Now if we could just have the Sony hardware with the Apple software, or a blend of the both it would be a killer!

Will keep you posted on the progess of the whole sordid affair.

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