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Who the Puck is Wolfgang Puck? Apr 16

In a string of co-incidences he happens to be a chef’s whose recipe for Gazpacho I am fliching for dinner tommorow night! And up until lunch time today I’d never really heard of him, well almost. I came across his recipe for Gazpacho on Recipezaar and it sounded reasonable even if the topping was a little bit that (over the top), and I figured he was some celebrity chef. Unbeknown to me today lunch was at the Wolfgang Puck Cafe. Did you to feel the chill feeling going down your spine—- yes creeepy. So after a Puck Chicken Pad Thai, I gave the Gazapacho another looky, still think the topping is a little bit over the top and will stay with the original idea.

So here is dinner menu.

Gazpacho Soup with a Creme Fraiche Wasabi Swirl
Garden Salad and Garlic Bread

Pacific Roasted Lamb
Roasted Pototoes/Pumpkin
Roasted Sweet Potatoes (Kumera – Traditional New Zealand Name)
Herbed Corn
Minted Buttered Peas

Desert is being provided by dinner diner

Choice of New Zealand White or Red Wine

and before you ask what Pacific Roasted Lamb is I was not entirely sure at the time and was extemperising when I wrote the menu. Its sorta working out to be rub of chopped Rosemary, Parsley, Ground Peppercorns, salt some cumin and chopped seaweed (nori) for a sea touch. Hey it will either go well, or spectacularly wrong. Since I come from the Pacific Coast highway I can lay some claim on this fingers crossed and all other body parts. Will report back on success!! Photo if it works.

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