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Trout on a Stick Apr 19

On my recent trip to Kyoto we came across this chappy selling fish in the park, yep they are whole fish being grilled. The lady off camera eating one assured us they were delicious. My cousin in New Zealand commented on the picture and called them trout on a stick and asked what they were like. The following is the excerpt from my email reply.

Put it another way, the trout on the stick looked positively fantastic compared to another place we went to where you can could get grilled.

– room of pig, or was it pig uterus, cannot remember, but you get the drift.
– outside of beef stomach
– sparrow skewer
– cod milt (actually that’s sorta reasonable, given we smoked fish roes as all).

All I can say is thank god that menu was in English otherwise we could have been in all manner of trouble, and just how many sparrows do you need to make a skewer (I have the address if you want to try and find out).

My new mission is working through one of the books on Japanese charactors and getting to the menu section, just so I can safely surf the menu again, you know Beef, Chicken, Fish, without the internal organs attached or grilled or fried or pickled in, or any otherwise. Perhaps I’ll cheat turn to the index and find Tofu, it can be very tasty and has a zero internal organ count.

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