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Spring has sprung a leak. Apr 23

I’m beginning to think the seasons may have gotten a little mixed up here. This is a picture taken this morning from my apartment, and the weather has been like this for days. There have been some periods of sunshine, but these periods of sunshine are such that they make the english summer look like a the med!

It not exactly cold, nor is it exactly wet, wouldn’t call it damp, doesn’t really seem to rain, and it not bursting out sunshine either, its just well, the pictures somes it up. Leaky! Fairly sure its giving my arthritis hell as well. Have been saying its not attached to the weather, but a suspicious piece of my mind is beginning to put two and two together and oddly enough it actually came up with the number 4. Me thinks its the mild cold nights that are doing the trick. Fool you into thinking that spring had arrive and summer is around the corner, the a quick slight of the hand it cold again!

Suspect the rainy season is going to be a huge bundle of laughs based on the current pattern of weather! Oh, and not sure if anyone has been paying attention but we have been having a very very very large number of earthquakes the last couple of weeks. Me worried. Nope, bring on Typhoon season I say!. Yeap you read right.

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